Infractions & Violations

Noncriminal Infraction and Ordinance Violation Ticket Procedures and Information


IF your ticket is marked “Information and Summons,” you are charged with a criminal misdemeanor. The information that follows does NOT apply to you.

IF your ticket is marked “Complaint and Summons,” you are charged with a noncriminal offense or offenses, and the following information DOES apply to you.

If you have an appearance date on the bottom of your ticket, it is for your Initial Hearing only. The officer who issued the ticket is NOT required to be present for that hearing. If your ticket says “60 days” at the bottom, you have 60 days from the date of your ticket to notify the court if you will be pleading guilty or not guilty. Please give a minimum of 10 days after the ticket has been written for processing time before contacting the court.

If you contest the charge against you, your case will be set for trial on a later date, and the officer and/or other witnesses will be required to be present at that scheduled trial.

While you may admit your guilt or plead “no contest” on or before the Initial Hearing and have your case disposed of immediately, you may also deny the charge(s) against you and request a bench trial, if you disagree with the charge(s).

To admit the charge(s) against you, please go to, or sign your copy of the ticket(s) and mail to the Court at least 5 days before your scheduled Court appearance date or the end of the 60 day period with your payment.

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