Fines & Payments

Schedules of Fines and Costs

Persons charged with traffic infractions and ordinance violations may be permitted to plead guilty and pay a fine through the Court’s Traffic Violations Bureau, without appearing in court.

To determine if you are eligible, please review the schedule(s) below based on whether your ticket is for a traffic, truck, or non-moving violation.

You may qualify for a diversion or deferral program, which can help you avoid getting points on your driver’s license.   You MAY NOT pay for a diversion or deferral with a credit/debit card!  To learn more, see our Frequently Asked Questions.


The Court accepts cash in the exact amount, cashier’s checks, money orders, certified checks and credit/debit cards in payment.  The Court does not accept personal or company checks.  

If you mail your payment to the Court, you must put a clearly readable return name and address on the outside of the envelope. If you do not, the envelope will not be opened, the payment will not be processed or credited to you, and you will be certified to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) as a failure to pay.  Your driving privileges will then be suspended by the Bureau.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about making payments.

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