City Ordinance Violation

Schedule of Fines and Costs for Operators Charged with Violation of a Local Plainfield Ordinance

The schedule below shows the judgment (fine) and costs for each violation. Once a conviction is entered, $133.50 in court costs are automatically assessed. This amount is to be paid whether you appear in Court or not and is set by the State Legislature. The schedule below shows the amount payable if you are not required to attend court. Penalties may vary for those who have a history of convictions for traffic violations in the past five years. Penalties may also vary depending on facts presented in court, during a trial, or any hearing.

Moving Violations
Charge Fine Costs Total
Disregard Automatic Signal 26.50 133.50 160.00
Disregard Stop Sign 26.50 133.50 160.00
Driving Left of Center 26.50 133.50 160.00
Failing to Signal 26.50 133.50 160.00
Failure to Yield (No Accident) 26.50 133.50 160.00
Following Too Closely (No Accident) 26.50 133.50 160.00
Improper Lane Usage 26.50 133.50 160.00
Improper Stopping or Standing 26.50 133.50 160.00
Improper Turn at Intersection 26.50 133.50 160.00
Non-School Zone Speeding
Charge Fine Costs Total
Speeding 26.50 133.50 160.00
All Other Moving Offenses CONTACT COURT
Non-Moving Violations
Charge Fine Costs Total
Littering 26.50 133.50 160.00
Smoking Violations CONTACT COURT
All other Non-Moving Offenses CONTACT COURT

These fines specified above may not be applicable if convicted after trial.The law for moving violations provides for fines from $0.00 – $10,000.00 and possible license suspension for 30 days or more. NO PERSONAL CHECKS OR COMPANY CHECKS.